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    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Big Comeback ? xp!

    Sorry my blog its been a long time sice my last update
    For the past few month i been keeping low profile in basketball , i juz practising until i get it rite especially my shooting . i was quite suck but now beware because my shooting aint sucks no more!
    Thanx to Acap, Alai , Onan , Hanif and all the guys who been teaching me the rite way to play the basketball. I aint the same old guy who juz push everyone when i play and doesnt play by the rules.
    There Are Three Guys which is like the most awesome basketball players in our neighbourhood which is hanif (of course) nabil , and amir nafis . I really do want to be like them someday . When you see them playing , its like sooooo cooooooooool! So wish me luck guys .kamal ganbatte dayo !

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    EiLLa... said...

    u play basketballs..
    that awesome..
    sme la me too play basketball..
    tpi dah lme x practice la..