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    Friday, November 28, 2008

    Another Good news!

    yeay my internet finally came back . so i can chat , blogging and watch youtube again yeay !. hip hip horray!

    Yeay good news!

    guys i got gud news..  i juz enrolled myself at menuetto music classes. so my guitar playing skills gonna be better i promise u that. actually it quite cheap.. its just around rm 95 per month ! so  i can contribute more to the band. yeay!!!

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    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    What I've Done That I Deserved All This?

    lately i have been staying at my frenz house with my 2 other frenz which makes the 4  of us. so for the past few days we were having fun, doing silly stuff and etc.. yesterday we i mean me and our band members gathered for a jamming session. we waited so long just to wait the place to open. But my fren forgot to bring the chords of the guitar that i asked him to bring so i asked him to go get it coz he left it at the table we use in our room. After that,  we gone upstairs for a jamming session. we compared all the studio that available but "Z" decide to use the small  and boring studio .
    But i thought it doesnt makes any sense because we got 9 people to fit in a small place. 
    So , when we were jamming , "Z"and "V" mad at me coz i dun bring their chords but i said to them "u dont ask me before  for the chords and lyrics " and im like so pissed off  because they expect me to print all their chords in such a short notice like 2 second notice . Moreover their still "maki hamun " me on the spot in front of all the members. while all the members think im the bad guy they been voting to kick me out just for : dun bring the chords and lyrics that they never asked me before to printed it out for them , acting a little bit cool in front of "E". WTF man is that even a reasonable reason to kick me out? While "Z" influenced "V" to go against me because they think i going after "E" which V" been asking to be his girlfriend for all this year. "E" like rejected "V" like so many time (the one i heard from my friend) BUT HE STILL DONT WANT TO GIVE UP! . "V" thinks that "E" is his girl so if he cant have her, so nobody can have her. Its not like "E" is his.  U understand what im saying? After jamming, we all went back home Lately he and sum of the band members have giving me a cold shoulders at school.  It such a hard time for me now. I felt lonely coz most of my frenz are the band members.
    I dunno what to do shall i quit the band or be kicked? better yet can i put on  fake smile at school. And 'E" plss dun believe what they been saying about me ...  And FARIS AIMAN , SAIFUL, KHADIJAH,SYAZA,AISYAH PAHMI, ALIF AIMAN, and many more of my frenz thanks for being there for me .. i really appreciated it thanx guys. i wouldnt trade anything for you all coz u guys are frenz that almost impossible to find. thanx again..