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    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    The Word Love

    I think the word love is unversal it can be used on many things like a mother 's love for her child , a boy's love for his girl . but recently on the news i seen many people at palestine been killed mercilessly . and i been thinking where is the love  for them and whats wrong with the ppl who killed them ? dont they have some love inside them? whatever it is , its up to you to defined whats is the meaning of love ..


    Does love look like this or what? 


    Han-na said...

    haha kamal , aku baru jeh buat journal pasal lebih kurang dgn benda nii . hehh .

    kamal said...

    lol nk tgk ley?

    Han-na said...

    haha asal pulaa ? journal sekolah punya jeh pdhal . heh